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Why Content?

Content achieves many things. It adds value to your customers, it communicates your key messages, it describes your products, it articulates your market difference, and it engages and informs your target audience. Marketing needs content to work. 

But making content work for your organization is hard. Over the next five years, total global investment in content for organizational marketing purposes is expected to grow sharply, doubling to more than $400 billion by some accounts. At the same time, investment in traditional interruptive advertising is poised to decline, as CMOs shift budget from ad spend to more substantive content-driven projects.

The direction of travel is clear. However, companies need help in not only executing against content projects but making sure they are creating the right content in the first place. Content isn’t easy, but with expert support and guidance it needn’t be as hard as it may seem.  

Let's Get Creative!

At Content Marketing Consultancy, we offer a range of custom solutions to support your content strategy and business marketing programs.

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Our end-to-end services are designed to support your organization at all stages of the marketing and content creation process.

Each service program draws on the core principles and deep expertise of Content Marketing Consultancy, and represents best-in-class practice for your industry.  

From strategy through ideation to execution and distribution, we work with you and your team in a hands-on, detailed way to execute against your marketing vision. 

We also offer trainings, workshops, and related sessions to reinforce and raise awareness around marketing best practices throughout your business. 

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Services and Support

  • Content strategy

  • Creative ideation

  • Content creation

  • Content distribution

  • Content measurement & ROI

  • Design & UX development

  • Social media management

  • Website redesign

  • Email marketing

  • SEO & PPC

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