At CMC, we are passionate about content strategy and how content deployed effectively can advance your business. We believe in developing deep levels of trust with our clients. Results are key, but we know the best results are borne out of strong and trusting relationships. We work with integrity to deliver excellence of service to you.


At CMC, we bring to the table deep and wide-ranging experience solving business content problems on behalf of our clients. We always operate with OUR FIVE TENETS front of mind:                     

1. We believe our working relationship should be focused around clarity of purpose and driven by creativity.

2. We believe that every client and every situation is different and requires a custom approach.

3. We believe in listening, patience, and good spirit.

4. We believe in getting things done smartly and efficiently.

5. We believe that difficult things done well become easy over time.


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Content Marketing Consultancy is led by Richard Pattinson, who has extensive experience building and running editorial and content marketing teams in North America and the United Kingdom. In addition to content publication, Richard has a deep grasp of business strategy, commercial operations, and client-agency relations. Richard lives in the Boston area with his wife and two children, and holds a Master's Degree in English from the University of Cambridge. Connect with Richard on LinkedIn.