Build Your Content Architecture

Good content is like architecture, from initial planning through construction. Here are seven reasons why:


Utility: Content strategy is driven by a clear purpose. What are we trying to build and why? What is our vision? What is its utility? What do we expect our strategy to achieve? Architecture involves a similar mix of vision and use. 

Planning: An architect initiates through planning. Content strategy is no different. Planning is content's lodestar. 

Teamwork: Raising a structure requires a team. Content creation is similarly collaborative. Even the most hermetic writer needs support. 

Resilience: A construction project involves setbacks and adjustments. Content creation requires a process of ongoing review and refinement. Both endeavors call for a determination of spirit to get the work done.

Aesthetic: A building is defined by its style. In the same way, a piece of content has its uses but it is primarily remembered for the way it looks and feels.  

Environment: A structure does not stand in a vacuum. It lives within a community. Content also lives through engagement with its audience. 

Maintenance: Buildings require ongoing upkeep. Content needs maintenance too. Doing nothing to your content beyond its initial publication will reduce the value of your asset in the long term.