Content Marketing Your Opinions

The role opinion plays in corporate content is a tricky matter. Opinion can polarize, but it can also cut through the clutter. It is a double-edged sword.

That doesn't mean businesses should avoid opinion. The opposite in fact. Expressed well, opinion will lend an edge and appeal to your organization's content. Where you have an opportunity, take a stance. 

Oscar Wilde was never short of an opinion or two.

Oscar Wilde was never short of an opinion or two.


As with any swordplay, you will want to play smartly. Opinion is not a free-for-all. 

Ensure opinion pieces are clearly highlighted in your content schedule. Your proposed topic should have clearance from the appropriate executive and be consistent with the company line.

If the proposed opinion deviates from the company line but you feel strongly on the point, request a senior-level discussion. Make your case the best you can. Conflicting opinions on the same topic within your organization can lead to healthy debate and a more nuanced point of view.  


A strong clear voice will invite challenge and dissent. Don't shy away from the criticism. You are not looking to pick a fight, but you do want to say what's on your mind.

“There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”
— Oscar Wilde

Be open minded to negative comment. Respond carefully, and hold your line as you deem appropriate. Be fair, be reasonable, but represent your company well.

Beyond that, have the courage of your convictions. Those who initiate a conversation tend to lead. And those who lead tend to succeed over time.