Why Social for Content Marketing?


Social platforms are a great means of building relationships, developing an audience, and sharing content. But social is not generally an end in itself.

Cultivate your social presence in ways that are complementary to your core value proposition and core content assets.

1. Decide why you want to do social in the first place. How can a social channel further your company's mission to create and sustain customers? How can it deepen relationships with your existing audience? What opportunities might it give you for attracting new audience?  Evaluate what you are already doing for your existing social channels.

2. Don't scattergun your approach. Better to stick to one or two channels and do them well than trying to maintain a presence across numerous platforms. Strive to operate confidently and with personality across your chosen channel.

3. Chatter is okay here and there in your social interactions, but aim for substance over time. Otherwise you're only adding to the noise. Always have something to say or something to share.