Beth Comstock Leaves GE, Writing Book on Change


Beth Comstock is retiring from GE as part of an executive reshuffle following the appointment of John Flannery as CEO earlier this year.

Comstock, vice chair and previously chief marketing officer of GE, confirmed her departure on social media after 27 years at the company.  

In a video message posted on Facebook and Twitter, she said moving forward she would be "cheering from the sidelines" for GE. 

She also confirmed she is in the process of finishing a book about change, to be published in 2018. The book, which is earmarked for publication in September, will chart her rise through the ranks at GE and reflect on the key role that change plays in the modern economy. Comstock will argue that change is the only constant in a disruptive world, and that organizations and individuals that embrace change in a forward-thinking manner will maximize their chances of success. 

Comstock has recently been interviewing business leaders and authors as part of her ChangeMakers series, "an open conversation series to delve into aspects of change with a variety of authors who write about change, past present and future."

She spoke with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in September about the publication of his own book, 'Hit Refresh.'

Announcing her retirement from GE, Flannery praised Comstock's role in seeding GE’s digital transformation. 
"Her efforts to push GE into the future have been essential to GE’s growth strategy; including identifying the potential of the Industrial Internet and helping transform GE into a digital industrial company,” he said.