Hyundai Prioritizes Convenience and Customer Experience in New Auto Purchase Program

Hyundai launches its Shopper Assurance program.

Hyundai launches its Shopper Assurance program.

Automaker Hyundai is looking to improve the customer experience of purchasing a car through its new Shopper Assurance program.

Shopper Assurance aims to reduce the frustration of buying a car by allowing the bulk of the process to take place outside of the dealership.

The Shopper Assurance program offers consumers transparent online pricing, flexible test drives that can be scheduled from a phone, and a three-day money-back guarantee. It allows most of the paperwork associated with an auto purchase to be completed before entering the dealership to take possession of the vehicle.  

Hyundai CMO USA Dean Evans said the program represents "the future of car buying, and our commitment to creating a flexible, efficient and better way to purchase a car in partnership with our dealer body.”

The announcement comes as Hyundai overtakes Ford in the automotive category in the most recent Brand Keys survey of customer loyalty.

Despite the strong loyalty showing, Hyundai continues to struggle to grow sales in the United States.

Shopper Assurance will initially launch in the Miami, Orlando, Dallas and Houston markets before going nationwide by early 2018.